Flashback: Bleach London Hair Crayons Review

Hello! I feel I have neglected you all, how are you today? I need to get better at this whole posting thing, I promise I’ll get there! Anyway, onto the review!

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair silly colours. Growing up I dreamed of having bright red hair, the closest I got was dying it with Henna from Lush which was more of a dark cherry red that I loved but had to grow out…that took a while. For the last couple of years I’ve had blonde highlights, just to lift my natural mousey brown but to be honest, I’ve been getting a bit bored. I mean, I love being blonde, but I’m so scared of change, I’ve had the same haircut for about 5 years now.

After Christmas I was browsing the Boots sale and saw mini bottles of Bleach London hair dye for £2.50. I got it in Rose, however that wasn’t such a huge success as it was too pale to properly show on my hair. Anyway, this review is about the crayons. I picked up a set of 3 (Rose, Bruised, Violet and Washed Up Mermaid) for £3 when they normally retail for £4 each! I couldn’t really argue with that logic now could I?!

The crayons are a non permanent way to inject some colour into your hair and come in shades ranging from bright red to cobalt blue and beyond.

The first one I tried out was Rose. This was more successful than the dye was. As its a crayon, the colour is more concentrated so I ended up with a subtle light pink dip dye effect which I really liked. I didn’t find that the colour rubbed off onto my clothes – or pillow as I had dyed it before bed! I curled my hair after colouring it, which I should have probably done before hand, I did it the other way round with the next colour though.

Results! This is taken from my Instagram, but you can see the effect of the crayon pretty clearly. Because the crayon is so light, the gradient is subtle but still really effective.

After washing my hair the next day, the ends were left really waxy, not too surprising as it is a crayon after all. Rather than wash it again, I curled it (before colouring!) and got to work with the Bruised Violet crayon.

WEAR GLOVES PEOPLE! I had a pink hand the next day even after scrubbing…and trying all manners of makeup remover to get rid of it. Pink hand aside, I love this colour. It was quite a lot darker but so so pretty! I didn’t really get Violet from it though, more dark pink.

This was day one, waaaah I love it. I think having it curly helps it to blend into my natural (okay, highlighted) hair really well. Day two and to help preserve the curls I put it into a pony tail. Do beware though, this one did rub off on my clothes and pillow even after brushing through. Maybe the darker colours are more chalky?

My hair definitely looked more on the Violet spectrum on the second day, and you know what, I still loved it. So much so that I think when I next get my hair done, there shall be some pink or purple additions to the blonde highlights..!

By day 3, my hair needed a wash. The crayon has dried my hair out a bit, but it’s nothing that a nourishing mask won’t fix. And it’s stained my hair a little as well, not actually a bad thing as I’ve still got a subtle dip dye effect but without the waxy feeling!

So there you go. I get to experiment with silly colours but because they’re non permanent, I’m not left with something I have to grow out! They are definitely the sort of things you would use if you wanted to try out how a colour would suit you and because you can control the intensity, the paler colours work better on darker hair than the dyes. I’m not sure how they work in anything darker than mine though so don’t take my word for it! I’ve yet to try Washed Up Mermaid, it’s a pale green which I wouldn’t say is a colour I’ve ever wanted to dye my hair, but if it’s only lasts a couple washes, I really don’t mind giving it a go 🙂

Have you ever dyed your hair different colours or if not, do you want to?



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