Flashback: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Review and Swatches

L-R: Nude-ist, Frambourjoise, Hot Pepper, Ole Flamingo!, Pink Pong, Grand Cru

I’m gonna start off by saying this: I adore these lipsticks. They are super long lasting, the colour range has enough in it to suit everyone and they’re a dream to apply. The formula is also pretty consistent, bar one (Grand Cru, but I’ll get to that), so you know that whatever colour you pick up, you know it’s going to be great.

Each lipstick – for lack of a better word – comes in a see through plastic tube with a soft doe foot applicator. The shape of this means it’s incredibly easy to follow the natural line of your lips, or to over exadurate if you’re going for the Kylie Jenner look. Having a matte finish, the last power of them is anywhere from a couple hours (depending on eating and drinking) to all day with only the smallest of touch ups. I normally only have to reapply after lunch and then only in the middle of my lips.

Warning, this will be a picture heavy post! I’ve not seen many reviews where the blogger is actually wearing the lipsticks, now my photos aren’t the best but hopefully you’ll get a good idea of the colour pay off and fall in love with at least one of them!

Nude-ist: A pink/orange based dark nude tone. I wasn’t totally sold on this when I first got it as it’s more of a grown up shade, but I love it now and it looks great paired with flushed cheeks.

Frambourjoise: A dark raspberry inspired pink, it sort of falls into the nude category as it’s not too in your face when worn so very office appropriate.

Hot Pepper: An orange based red. This is one I wear less now as orange tones don’t flatter me so much, but it was one of the first ones I bought and I do still love it. This one needs a couple of coats for full opacity.

Ole Flamingo!: More of a blue toned shade than Frambourjoise but still not too intense, I like this one as a dark pink shade.

Pink Pong: Okay, admitting it here this can be a scary shade. It’s bright, but it’s gorgeous. Proper in your face ‘Look at me, I’m pink!’ and it’s still probably my favourite of the bunch.

Grand Cru: The perfect dark red. The formula on this one is a bit off, I’m not sure why but it isn’t as smooth as the others. But here’s the secret – apply on top of a balm! I use a chapstick and it helps the product to glide on so easily!

What do you all think? What’s your favourite of the bunch?! Bourjois are releasing 3 new shades for spring, 2 pinks and a brown shade. I think my collection will continue to grow…!



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