Flashback: L’Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Genius Kit Review

When I first started getting into make up, maybe a year or two ago, I didn’t think much of eyebrows. I remember practically laughing at adverts for eyebrow mascaras, thinking, “What on earth would people need that for?!”

How things have changed.

Perfecting my brows has become a daily mission. I’ve already spoken about my insecurities stemming from overdoing it on the plucking when I was younger. I’ve drifted between using a wax and powder to using pencil, however I think I’ve now found the holy grail of eyebrow products and at an affordable price.

Using up the remainder of my Boots points and taking advantage of a 3 for 2 offer, I picked up 2 eyebrow products and a new eyeliner from L’Oreal Paris.

The L’Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Genius Kit is by far the best product I’ve ever used on my brows. And I’ve only used it once so far. It comes with a mini set of tweezers, dual brush and spoolie, a wax and a powder. It’s only available in two colours however they would probably be suitable for most people. It’s an incredibly easy kit to use, very similar to Benefits Brow Zings but more than half the price at £9.99.

I started by using the brush and wax to shape my brows and then used the same brush to fill in with the powder. I finished by using the spoolie end to smooth through and set it with the transparent Brow Plumper gel. I was so, so happy with the results. The colour could not be more perfect for my brows (a dark blonde) and blends in really well. Not only that but it’s so quick to get them done, the case is lightweight and so ideal for travelling and it also has a good amount of product so will last a long time.

This little kit has definitely replaced my brow pencils and is going on the ‘Must Repurchase’ list that I have in my head – along with Benefit They’re Real mascara and Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition lipstick.

What is your holy grail brow product?



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