Flashback: My Mascara Collection

You would think that with having a blog called The Lash Line that I would have posted something to do with lashes by now…the blog name came about as I wouldn’t want to be without my mascara and eyeliner. So anyway, here is my first Lash central post!

I have quite a few mascaras, certainly not as many as other bloggers out there, but I have my fair share. I figured it was about time I go through my collection and compare what ones I own and get rid of any that are past it or not worth keeping a hold of. I’m gonna be honest here…I only actually got rid of one of these after going through them all. I just couldn’t bare to part with anymore than that!

1. Benefit Roller Lash (sample size) 2. Benefit They’re Real (full size) 3. No7 Lovely Lashes (sample size) 4. No7 Lash Impact (sample size)
5. ModelCo Power Lash (sample size) 6. Seventeen Falsifeye HD (full size) 7. Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume (full size)

8. Barry M Showgirl Volume (full size)

9. So Susan flutter mascara (full size) 10. Barry M Showgirl Lengthen (full size) 11. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam (full)

12. Collection Extreme Volume Blue (full size)

On to the individual reviews. For each mascara I’ve got a comparison shot of my bare lashes so you can clearly see what the brush and formula does.

1. Benefit Roller Lash – Benefits newest mascara release, Roller Lash promises to lift and curl your lashes without the hassle of using curlers. I have to agree, I do love this mascara, it really lifts my lashes and adds a good deal of volume as well. Plus, it’s a nice deep black so I approve!

2. Benefit They’re Real – This is my daily mascara, hands down I absolutely love it. The brush is brilliant for separating my lashes and packs on the volume, as well as curling my lashes quite nicely. To be honest, I don’t notice a huge difference between the results of this and Roller Lash, if anything, They’re Real defines more than the new release. This was my first foray into ‘luxury’ cosmetics and I haven’t looked back since.

3. No7 Lovely Lashes – This was one of those ‘Spend £x and get a free gift’ mascaras from No7. I’ve tried it out a few times and it’s alright. It contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E, designed to condition the lashes. I must admit, it does feel nice when it goes on, very smooth and light. It doesn’t have the biggest impact, but it’s meant to give a natural volume which it achieves. Perfect for minimal makeup days.

4. No7 Lash Impact – Another sample sized mascara here. It’s alright but I fell that the formula and the brush are a bit lacking. That’s my only real criticism as it does add quite a bit of volume and the mini size makes it a good one to take away for a long weekend.

5. ModelCo Power Lash – Another of my samples sizes (yes, I have a lot of them) that I received in my Birchbox. I loved this when I first got it but it’s a few months old now so starting to get past it. It gave great impact but, maybe because of the small size of the tube, the brush left a lot of product around the opening of the tube and I find it’s a bit clumpy now. Still a good mascara but it retails for about the same as They’re Real which in my opinion is far superior.

6. Seventeen Falsifeye HD – First things first: this is the one that went to the bin after this swatching session but only because I should have thrown it out a few months ago, not because I don’t like it! As you can see, the brush is great at separating the lashes and is similar to They’re Real, it’s just lacking a bit in the volume department. It’s one that I might repurchase if I was looking for something that would separate my lashes well.

7. Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume – This was my everyday before I discovered They’re Real, the brush was a complete revelation in the mascara industry and really worked to add volume, plus the formula is nice and creamy and I found it lasted well throughout the day. Sadly it’s now been replaced but I would still go back to it, especially that they’ve now brought out an Ultra Black version.

8. Barry M Showgirl Volume Mascara – Barry M, great for nail polish, not so great for mascara. This one just didn’t have the impact I was expecting. The brush is pretty primitive and really stiff and didn’t do much for me at all. Not one I’ll be going back for but I’ll keep it as a back up.

9. So Susan Flutter Mascara – I received this in one of my Glossyboxes (before I gave up on them) and it’s rather underwhelming. The brush is pretty teeny, however this does make it perfect for lower lashes and that’s actually what I use it for now!

10. Barry M Showgirl Lengthen Mascara – Again from Barry M, a bit on the meh side but better than the volume version. It does lengthen and I prefer the brush on this one to the stiff bristles of the other. I tend to prefer plastic brushes to bristles as I feel they do a better job for what I’m looking for, some soft brushes are alright (ModelCo Power Lash for one) but plastic ones are the way forward for me!

11. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam – This mascara has been in my drawer untested until this post. It’s alright, a little clumpy so not great but not bad either. I used the original scandaleyes when it first came out and remember loving it, I think since ‘growing up’ a bit and trying more brands I’ve realised it probably wasn’t all that! However, if you’re on a budget, the Rimmel mascara range does have some good ones in there.

12. Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Blue – Last, and least I must say, is this. It looks pretty blue in the photo but in real life it really doesn’t show. I got this because I wanted to try out something new and it really didn’t deliver. It was only £1.99 so I can’t complain too much, but I won’t be giving it a try again!

Well, there you go, all my mascara in one place! My favourites without a doubt are the two Benefit mascaras, They’re Real will always be a favourite and Roller Lash is a brilliant addition to the brand. As for the let downs, it has to be Barry M. I love their nail polish, absolutely love it, but I won’t be buying another mascara from them again.

What are your favourite mascaras? Let me know below or on twitter @thelashline!



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