Flashback: Why Tutorials Aren’t Always a Good Thing

I want to start this one off by saying that makeup tutorials can be brilliant. They’ve taught me where to apply my highlighter, the best way to apply my eyeliner pen and how to accent my cupids bow with lipstick. But I have learned not to listen to them all the time.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with eyeshadow colour, I’ve got a vast array in my collection from blues to reds, and I love trying them out in different combinations. I don’t have the biggest imagination so have been looking to tutorials for some inspiration. This is where I’ve come across a problem. The person’s face that I’m looking at, their eye shape, isn’t the same as my face or eye shape. In fact, I’ve realised that most eyeshadow tutorials that tell me to ‘blend the colour up to by eyebrow’ are pretty useless as I have a huge space between my eyes and brows. If I blended that much I’d end up looking like a clown and that’s the last thing I want, I’m seriously terrified of clowns.

See the huge space, see it!

After reading a fair few tutorials, this is what I’ve learned:

Don’t take tutorials as the ‘be all and end all’ – yes they’re helpful, I wouldn’t be half as good at my make up and nails had I not used tutorials to help me, but you don’t have to take them as gospel, use them to assist your knowledge and adapt it to fit yourself.

If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to use it – I pinned this look from Urban Decay to try out, tried it and thought to myself how dreadful it looked on me. It didn’t work on me so instead I used the bare bones of the look and scaled it down to fit my eye shape and huge brow area.

Get to know your own features – Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is getting to know my own face. It seems a bit of a silly one because surely we all know what we look like, right? It’s more about knowing where to apply the product to make the most of your features. The best place to apply blusher for your cheeks, best shape of eyeshadow or liner for your eyes. I now know that blending shadow up to my eyebrow doesn’t work for my face shape, so instead I blend slightly above my eye crease to give some definition. Play around and see what you feel most comfortable with, not what you’re necessarily being advised to do in the tutorial.

Be confident – Finally, be confident in what you’re doing. Once you’ve figured out what works for you, tweak it with different colours, textures (powder, creams) and techniques. Having figured out where to apply what shadow on my eyes means that I can now confidently experiment with the colours that I have in a shape that suits me.

So there you go, 2015 will be the year where I find out what suits me. Heck, I might even do a few tutorials of my own for fellow high brow-ers!

I’d love to know what tips and tricks you’ve picked up from tutorials, let me know in the comments below!



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