A Little Update

Hello. So, I haven’t blogged in a while. Since April in fact. It’s partly down to my laziness, but a lot has been happening. I’ll start with the sad thing.


My grandfather passed away at the end of April. He’d been ill for a long time and in and out of hospital for the best part of 6 years. It’s been 4 months and I still get upset about it, I haven’t had to deal with a death in the family before, but I know that he’s in a better place now (if you believe in that sort of thing).

Right, onto the happier news! I no longer live in Dundee! My boyfriend and I got a lovely flat in Glasgow where he studies so we were busy arranging moving stuff and I was sorting out jobs. Yes jobs plural. It took a few weeks but I’ve settled into one where I’m happy now.

Other happy news is this adorable bundle of fur.


Meet Harley the mini lop. I had bunnies when I was younger and have been wanting one for a couple of years now. Wonderful boyfriend surprised me by arranging it with our landlord to have a wee house bunny and he is just the most adorable little thing. We got him at 8.5 weeks old and he’s already doubled in size!

So that’s sort of what’s been keeping my busy: moving, work and bunny. But I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed having a bit of an outlet to get my thoughts down and write. So I make a promise to not forget about this blog and to work at improving it and my techniques over the rest of the year!

Oh! I almost forgot…if you happen to be in Glasgow the last week of October, come and catch me in Legally Blonde at the King’s Theatre where I shall be playing Vivienne!



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