Mini Review: Bleach London White Toner

So I’ve been a bit MIA. I find it hard to stick at things so posts on here may be few and far between!

Anyhoo, I wanted to quickly review the Bleach London White Toner which I tried out last night. I recently decided to bleach my hair after several years of blonde highlights. Because of the highlights, I had bright white roots and yellow toned lengths. I desperately needed to solve this and after reading a few reviews I decided to go for it! 

Now, re the condition of my hair. As I mentioned, it had been highlighted so the lengths were not as bleached as my roots. I discovered that I actually have fairly strong hair as following the initial bleaching at the hairdressers, it was lovely and soft and not at all feeling damaged! 

I followed the instructions provided, well laid out and easy to understand. I didn’t psych test (oops, seriously you probably should) but only because I wanted it done and haven’t had any dye reactions in the past, at home or in the salon. It says to leave it on 20 minutes, I’d say I left it 25 minutes taking into account putting it on and making sure it was evenly applied.

One thing I will say about the directions in relation to my hair condition is that my roots went slightly grey/purple as they were far whiter to begin with.

Washing it out was easy & my hair did feel fairly dry. The reincarnation mask however – woah. It made my hair feel like silk instantly. Amazing.

All in all I am so pleased with the results. My hair is definitely far less yellow and it’s a great solution to keeping your hair looking bright between salon visits. And at only £7 it doesn’t break the bank either! I’ll definitely be buying it again. 

post toner with no yellow in sight!