Falling In And Out Of Love With Eyeliner


Eyeliner ‘on fleek’
Me and eyeliner go way back. At school my go to makeup was mascara with some pencil eyeliner smudged onto my lower lashline. Since then I’ve discovered potted gel liner, liquid liner, Benefits They’re Real and most recently, felt tip liners. Before I started really getting into makeup, you would rarely see me out and about without a cat eye framing my peepers. Heck I even have a couple of fancy ‘in your face’ glitter liners (thank the make up gods for TK Maxx and Stila).
But more and more recently I’ve been opting for the liner-free look. I used to think it made my eyes look wider and more defined. I’ve since realised that with a well placed eyeshadow, I can achieve that wide eye look I want, without the need for eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and it’s still my go to when I can’t be bothered doing a full face, but I’ve found that my preferences have changed. As my make up collection has grown, so has my love for an eyeliner free look. I find myself reaching for my Naked Basics palette and a good volumising mascara more than I do my new favourite Supercat Liner.


My more ‘grown up’ preferred look
I wonder if it’s a ‘growing up’ thing? As I’ve gotten more confident in my looks and make up skills, I don’t feel the need to rely on the tools I used to. I prefer fresh faced over heavily done up, neutral eyeshadows over bright. I haven’t necessarily fallen completely  out of love with eyeliner, I just think we need a bit of a break. Maybe I need to work on using pencil eyeliner, it’s the one media that I haven’t really managed to grasp the hang of. The teenage emo look isn’t really one I want to go for in my mid twenties…

If there’s one thing that I’m certain of when it comes to my eye makeup, it’s this: as much as I may have fallen out of love with eyeliner, mascara will always be my one true make up love.

Have you ever fallen out of love with a product you used to always use? I’d love to know I’m not the only one!


The Lash Line Relaunch

You might notice something a little different, namely I am no longer with Blogger!

I found it a bit clunky to work with and I had a couple of google accounts that I wanted to condense into one. It made sense to just start fresh and pop everything onto wordpress!

I’m taking down the blogger one, not because I don’t like it but because I’d rather just have one of me floating about on the interwebs. I’ll save my most popular posts and transfer them over to hear, the ones I am proud of and want to make my blog about.

Thanks for sticking with me!