Flashback: When Beauty Boxes Disappoint

Beauty Boxes are great on the whole, getting to sample new products, bonus samples of products you already own and love and just generally expanding your knowledge of what’s out there. It’s a little treat for yourself every month and something that I look forward to.

I’ve tried out 4 different boxes: Birchbox, my favourite of the bunch; Look Fantastic, a box I’ve only tried a couple of times but have been generally impressed by; Glossybox, after a 3 month sub I gave up as it just wasn’t for me; and now Cohorted, and this is where my problems begin. Continue reading


Flashback: Bleach London Hair Crayons Review

Hello! I feel I have neglected you all, how are you today? I need to get better at this whole posting thing, I promise I’ll get there! Anyway, onto the review!

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair silly colours. Growing up I dreamed of having bright red hair, the closest I got was dying it with Henna from Lush which was more of a dark cherry red that I loved but had to grow out…that took a while. For the last couple of years I’ve had blonde highlights, just to lift my natural mousey brown but to be honest, I’ve been getting a bit bored. I mean, I love being blonde, but I’m so scared of change, I’ve had the same haircut for about 5 years now.

After Christmas I was browsing the Boots sale and saw mini bottles of Bleach London hair dye for £2.50. I got it in Rose, however that wasn’t such a huge success as it was too pale to properly show on my hair. Anyway, this review is about the crayons. I picked up a set of 3 (Rose, Bruised, Violet and Washed Up Mermaid) for £3 when they normally retail for £4 each! I couldn’t really argue with that logic now could I?!

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